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The year 2019 has been a good one for Aquark. Reflecting on 2019, we certainly had a lot to celebrate!

Firstly, we are proud that Mr. Silence, the revolutionary and innovative inverter pool heat pump, has achieved unparalleled success in the market.

Whether on technical training tour or participating in industry exhibitions, Mr. Silence is universally praised by partners and customers all over the Europe, maintained stable popularity in pool industry. Most of our clients are captivated by the magnificent aluminum casing at first sight, and then impressive by the extreme silent operation. On the spot of Aquanale show, we signed an exclusive contract of 2020 with Belgium partner, and confirmed the partner of InverSmart in Germany. They highly recognized the product quality, especially the global failure rate is less than 0.5%! Thank you for the strong support and full confidence in Aquark!

Secondly, it was our first attempt to spend a staggering amount on media to draw visitors’ attention, which has obtained unexpectedly good results.

The cover advertisement on EurospaPoolNews Special Barcelona has been a hot topic at the show. Inside the newspaper, there is an editorial about Mr. Silence, EurospaPoolNews described it as “Mr. Silence, So Aptly Named”. And so it is, the image of “Dreaming Silence” has been deeply imprinted on everyone’s heart.

What’s more exciting, our technical training tour was unexpectedly reported by EurospaPoolNews. We are greatly encouraged by the highly recognition of such a leading professional media in pool & spa industry. Soon, it aroused great interest across Europe, greatly enhance the branding awareness of Aquark.

Let every pool user enjoy swimming as much as possible is our key concern. Therefore, in order to meet the changing market demand and for better user experience, we launched new product lines and fully upgraded the existing product lines at meantime. Now the heating temperature increases from 35℃ to 40℃, one heat pump fits for both pool and spa! With the newly launched InverGo mobile app, you can take control your Aquark inverter pool heat pump from wherever you are. By maintaining the minimalist design, InverSmart and AquaMini, the two new series of inverter pool heat pumps with patented back-discharge design, become a new option for European customers to reduce noise and save space.

All in all, 2019 was a year of remarkable success for us. Looking back at some of our biggest achievements from 2019, we are very grateful for the support and trust that so many of our customers have placed in Aquark. We are sure 2020 will be another exciting year with many more things to come. Here are some of our biggest highlights in 2019, enjoy the video!

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