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Here we recognize the builders who shine the most in revenue and the other four criteria that constitute our proprietary judging formula.

Builders from around the USA have reported brisk activity, and it shows with this group. Collectively, these companies built 12,164 pools in 2017, earning $746.9 million in new residential construction and $69.9 million in renovation revenue.

In the pages that follow, you can learn key statistics about individual Top 50 companies.

These firms reflect all types of business models, with 2017 volumes ranging from 7 to more than 1,100, and average pool prices beginning at $41,000 and reaching more than half a million dollars. Revenues range from $5.5- to $57 million.

Seven companies made the list for the first time. But, once again, Texas dominates, with 16 companies, or 32%.

Regional maps will locate various high achievers around the country. You also will learn which builders stood out in each of our five individual criteria — those that earned the most revenue, demonstrated the highest levels of staff management and training, participated most in both industry associations and their communities, and boasted the most impressive web presence. Woven in the pages, companies honor their most valuable players.

The package also includes an exploration of ways that the elite of the elite manage to recruit, train and retain employees in the current employment crisis. Finally, we present our Top 5 in customer service. These Top 50 Builders achieved the highest marks based on customer-service surveys performed by Atlanta-based firm GuildQuality. (Not all top 50 builders participated in this program, as it is optional.)



This year’s crop of builders range in revenue, but all earned more than $5 million in 2017. Total Residential Construction is highlighted in blue because of its importance in determining the Top 50.


Residential Construction Revenue is calculated by combining earnings from new residential construction and renovations. Of the five judging criteria, this factors in the most. Once again, Cody Pools, headquartered near Austin, topped the list of highest earners. It generated nearly $50 million in residential construction, representing almost a 13% jump from last year’s $44.2 million. Cody is joined by five Lone Star State compatriots in this Top 10 list. Three of the remaining companies hail from Arizona, with the last from California. In residential construction, this year’s group earned $816.8 million, a 5% increase over the 2017 Top 50, whose reported residential construction earnings combined for $777.9M.


While total revenue is not considered as part of the judging criteria, bottom-liners always want to know that number. For the Top 50, residential construction clearly anchors overall revenue, which explains why this list closely overlaps the Top 10 residential construction earners. However, these companies do not just build residential pools and spas. All but five reported service revenue, which added up to $104 million for the group. Twenty-seven performed work in the commercial sector, for a total of $74.5 million. The same number reported retail income amounting to a combined $46.3 million. In part because of this diversity, the Top 50’s overall earnings topped $1 billion in 2017.


In assessing this category, judges look at the average tenure among a company’s staff, along with its level of training and education, as seen in its in-house training regimens, continuing education, degrees and certifications. Those below received the highest scores on this criterion. They are listed in alphabetical order, as multiple companies often received the same score.


For this category, builders listed the business associations to which they belong, both inside and outside the industry. On the pool/spa-industry side, the Top 50 has always shown a strong presence in the main associations and buying groups. Outside the industry, the vast majority belong to their local Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus and home building organizations. Now, it appears more of these companies are joining related associations, such as the American Concrete Institute, American Shotcrete Association and various local and national landscape organizations.


The web is the future — and the future is now. For this reason, we look at entrants’ web presence, including websites and social media accounts. These builders clearly are progressing through social media options. All but one is on Facebook and all but three on Houzz. Now, they are moving on to the video sharing site YouTube and the photo sharing site Instagram, each of which plays host to 36 of the Top 50.


Visibility in the community not only fosters good citizenship but good business. These firms topped the list for charitable giving of money, product and time. Firms are listed in alphabetical order, as multiples received the same scores. But the highest marks went to Claffey Pools; Platinum Pools; and Presidential Pools, Spas and Patio.

(Source: poolspanews.com Rebecca Robledo)