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Inverter pool heat pumps utilize heat from the atmosphere to heat your swimming pool and maintain the ideal temperature over time. It extends your swimming season, lowers your annual operating costs, and reduces your carbon footprint. Having a reliable inverter pool heat pump is essential. However, there are many swimming pool heat pump suppliers, and how do you know what kind of pool heater you need? Thus, we have compiled this pool heat pump buying guide to help you make your purchase decision easier.

How To Pick A Pool Heat Pump?

When choosing the best pool heat pump for your swimming pool, you should always consider the following five things: size, energy efficiency, noise level, operating temperature range, and user-friendliness.

1. Selecting the appropriate heat pump size for your pool

Typically, the larger your pool, the bigger the heat pump you need. While smaller pools require smaller heat pumps, a larger heat pump running at half speed is more energy-efficient than a smaller one running in high gear. For more advice on sizing, please read Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide: How to Choose Pool Heat Pump in The Right Size.

2. Check the COP value of the pool heat pump

We generally use COP (coefficient of performance) to measure the energy efficiency of a pool heat pump, which is usually a calculation derived from controlled tests on the pool heater in different conditions and humidity levels. COP provides a reliable prediction of how much heat you will receive and the cost to produce it.

In the case of a pool heat pump, a COP of 6.0 indicates that it generates 6kW of heat for every 1kW of energy it consumes. In general, the higher the COP, the more energy-efficient the heat pump is and the lower your monthly energy bill will be. The inverter technology can intelligently adjust the heating capacity and increase the energy efficiency to a higher level. Therefore, we should choose an inverter heat pump pool with a higher COP as much as possible to achieve optimal efficiency and minimal energy cost.

3. Inspect the noise level of the pool heat pump

Some heat pumps make a lot of noise. If you want a quiet swimming environment or need to place your heat pump close to your neighbors, pick a model that runs more quietly. The piping and airflow system, motor, and compressor are usually the three main factors that affect the noise level of a pool heat pump. But a pool heat pump with an inverter eliminates all of these concerns.

Inverter technology allows heat pumps to keep the pool at a constant temperature at a low speed, so it is less noisy. Thus, we can choose a silent inverter pool heat pump to quietly heat the pool and maintain a peaceful environment.

4. Consider the local climate

Not all heat pumps are capable of heating pool water at lower temperatures. The heat pump’s ability to generate heat will decrease as the air becomes colder. Therefore, to determine the most appropriate heating power for the most effective results, it is crucial to buy a pool heat pump depending on the local climate. Most heat pumps will shut down when the outside temperature drops below 13 degrees Celsius.

However, inverter pool heater pumps have a much broader operating temperature range. Some swimming pool heat pump manufacturers offer heat pumps that can continue to operate below zero degrees Celsius. Hence, when selecting a pool heat pump, you can refer to its operating temperature range for judgment.

5. Opt for ease of use and compatibility with automation

Ideally, you should be able to easily adjust or set the target temperature of your pool with the push of a button. An inverter swimming pool heat pump with a user-friendly control panel will do the trick and more. Just install an app on your mobile device, such as a smartphone, and you can remotely start your pool heat pump, control the temperature and set the timer. When you get home, you can immediately dive into the pool instead of waiting in vain for the pool water to warm up, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

What Type Of Pool Heat Pump Should I Get?

Inverter pool heat pumps are the best option for heating swimming pools and are the type of pool heat pump you should purchase. With the rapid development of inverter technology in recent years, more innovative pool inverter heat pumps are gaining acclaim in the market. The Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump from Aquark is one of the best.

The InverPad® Turbo is an innovative and unique patent owned by Aquark, a pool heat pump manufacturer in China. For the first time in the pool industry, it utilizes the most advanced silent technology in Turbofan, combining aerodynamic optimization and the best noise reduction technologies to achieve zero mechanical noise and reduce sound level to 38.4 dB(A), which is 20 times quieter than traditional on/off pool heat pumps.

Mr. Perfect offers exceptional heating efficiency with a COP of up to 16.0, a 69% increase in savings over conventional on/off pool heat pumps, thanks to its self-developed inverter control system.

Furthermore, Turbofan’s new airflow system increases the heat exchange area and maximizes the heat output to guarantee an excellent performance under cold weather. Mr. Perfect heats up as scheduled when the outdoor temperature is as low as -15 degrees Celsius, maintaining 50% of the heating output in harsh conditions.

With the self-developed smart app InverGo and built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily control your Mr. Perfect from your phone anytime. InverPad® Turbo technology makes it possible to heat your pool silently and efficiently, so you can enjoy swimming all year round.

Below is a table we have compiled to help you better understand how well this inverter heat pump for swimming pool performs.

Things to Consider
When Picking Pool Heat Pumps
Performance of Mr. Perfect
InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pumps
Energy EfficiencyCOP up to 16 69% more energy saving than on/off
Noise Level0 mechanical noise 20 times silent as low as 38.4dB(A)
Operating Temperature RangeOperation temperature down to -15°C 50% heating output under harsh conditions
User-friendlinessThe advanced controller provides simple operation with advanced data monitoring. Built-in Wi-Fi & smart app InverGo allow you to control your heat pump anywhere and anytime.

Conclusion: What Pool Heat Pump Do I Need?

An inverter pool heat pump is the ideal choice. It produces the best efficiency, allowing you to use your pool throughout the year. And the innovative InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps from Aquark are the perfect solution for silent and efficient pool heating with 20 times more quiet and high COP up to 16. Contact experts at Aquark if you need more information about Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps.

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