North American Heat Pump InverSpark


(North American)

lnverSilence InverPad® technology

InverPad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark Technology Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry: boring design and noisy operation. It perfectly combines unique Pad Design, Stepless DC Inverter and Noise Cancelling technology together. 

North American Heat Pump InverSpark


COP up to 11

To maintain the pool temperature throughout the entire pool season, InverSpark runs at low speed, leading to the best energy saving performance and most silent pool environment.The COP is up to 11. An electricity input of 10,000 BTUs brings up to 110,000 BTUs heat output, with 90% free energy coming from the ambient air.

InverSpark COP Up To 11
InverSpark Double Energy Saving


Double Energy Saving

With low-speed running philosophy, InverSpark has double energy saving when compared to an On/Off heat pump.


Thanks to our InverPad® technology, InverSpark sound level is down to 42.7dB(A) at 1m. 10dB(A) lower than On/Off heat pump.

InverSpark Smart Silence

Professional PooL Heating Control System

Benefiting from stepless DC inverter technology, InverSpark speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature.

InverSpark full protection on electrical system
InverSpark wide voltage application

Anywhere Anytime


InverSpark ABS casing

Durable aluminum + ABS casing of Mitsubishi.

InverSpark Pool heating dedicated Inverter chipset

Pool heating dedicated Inverter chipset

InverSpark Twin-rotary Inverter compressor

Twin-rotary Inverter compressor

InverSpark EEV technology

Electronic expansion valve technology

InverSpark Twisted titanium heat exchanger

Twisted titanium heat exchanger

InverSpark Down to 23°F operation temperature

Down to 23°F operation temperature