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Faced with various choices in the pool heat pump market, for the pool heat pump suppliers/distributors, how to choose the most competitive products with the highest value in order to win more market share and achieve long-term development? An eminent pool heat pump should harvest both excellent performance and high user satisfaction, following these key elements below. 

1. Cutting-edge Core Technologies – weapon of market competitiveness

A product with self-developed core technical barriers is the first key element to maintain its persistent competitiveness in the market. Powered by the patented InverPad® Turbo Technology, which represents the cutting-edge inverter technology in the pool heat pump industry, Mr. Perfect is by far the leading star. While keeping a stable and powerful heat output, the inverter pool heat pump is subversively quiet during operation. With 0 mechanical noise, the sound level of Mr. Perfect is only 38.4dB(A)@1m on average, which is 20 times quieter than on/off pool heat pumps. 

How to Choose a Pool Heat Pump of High Value | Aquark

Moreover, Mr. Perfect can endure extremely cold weather, heating the swimming pool stably even at -15~43℃, allowing the swimming season to get over the limitation of environmental temperature and expand to all year round. Besides, with the energy-saving technology, it can save 68% of the energy consumption with a high COP up to 16. Therefore, Mr. Perfect is self-evident in competitiveness, and surely can bring pool owners a perfect 4 seasons swimming pool. 

2. High-quality Products – Key to winning your customers

Building and remaining clients’ trust is no easy task, but long-term clients are just the key to a company’s growth and success. Undoubtedly, excellent performance and high quality of products, and good after-sales services can lead to a great user experience, which is good for cultivating long-term relationships with clients, and of course, earning a reputation for your company. 

Aquark is your ideal choice that brings win-win cooperation. Powerful performance, both energy- and cost- efficiency, plus Aquark’s low failure rate of less than 0.5% in products and fast response for pool heat pump troubleshooting solutions, will certainly meet customers’ high demands in product quality and user experience, saving further costs in product maintenance. After customers recognize the high value of inverter pool heat pumps, brand advocates and brand loyalty will be created. And brand loyalty might be the most important point in business, as it encourages repeat business and establishes a customer base, who may also recommend the inverter pool heat pumps to their friends or neighbors — which means, new prospects are developed. 

How to Choose a Pool Heat Pump of High Value | Aquark

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3. Investment in high-value products brings long-term development in business

The value of inverter pool heat pumps not only embodies cutting-edge core technologies, outstanding performance and high quality, but also in huge potentials in the new trend, helping the company to improve the competitiveness in occupying new market share under the global trend of carbon neutrality.

As an inverter pool heat pump manufacturer with self-developed inverter technologies, Aquark is home to such brilliant pool heat pumps. What should be of concern is its persistent research and development in inverter technology evolutions, which is its core competitiveness in building and expanding technical barriers with its competitors, helping its partners to distinguish from the pool industry and winning more market share in the long run.

In conclusion, choosing a pool heat pump with high quality and high value is not only about winning the short-term profits, but also bears on a company’s image and long-term value. Aquark sincerely welcomes you to join our 4 seasons swimming adventure and probe into a better future.

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