Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide: How to Choose Pool Heat Pump in The Right Size

Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide

As it is known, a pool heat pump operates by taking heated air from external sources and pumping it into the pool water. It measures production in BTUs and is electrically powered. If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably considering installing a pool heat pump.  There are several advantages to pool heat pumps, ranging from […]

Get Yourself A Durable & Easy-To-Repair Pool Heat Pump!


  In most cases, a pool heat pump is expected to last for years. Even so, when we search “pool heat pump repair”, there are about 33 million results. It is not hard to tell that pool heat pump repairment is a sore point for owners. So, let’s talk about how to choose a durable […]

Pool Maintenance in Winter Months

Pool Maintenance In Winter Months

Swimming pool maintenance during the winter months is a must, no matter you are in the cold region or warm district. Taking good care of the pool is an efficient way to save the overall costs, preventing potential damages to pool equipment like pool heat pumps, filters or the pool system under freezing temperature. Keep […]

How to Choose a Pool Heat Pump of High Value?

How to Choose a Pool Heat Pump of High Value | Aquark

Faced with various choices in the pool heat pump market, for the pool heat pump suppliers/distributors, how to choose the most competitive products with the highest value in order to win more market share and achieve long-term development? An eminent pool heat pump should harvest both excellent performance and high user satisfaction, following these key […]

Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Inverter pool heat pumps are known for more energy-saving and less maintenance, but functional fault also occurs occasionally. Yet no disappointment or worry should show up because we are here offering tips to tackle the problems, helping you get back to enjoying warm pool as quickly as possible.  Before your DIY repair, check which condition […]

Design Also Has Impacts on Pool Heat Pump Sales


A backyard swimming pool should be providing fun and exercise and is a magnet for friends and family. However, the fun is not only about swimming itself, but also the surroundings. If the facilities are too noisy or “less aesthetic”… a beautiful swimming mood will be ruined. Nowadays, design is more and more effective in promoting business. It has […]

Aquark’s Hot-Sale Inverter Pool Heat Pumps in 2021

Aquark’s Hot-Sale Inverter Pool Heat Pumps In 2021-3

Since August, energy prices have risen 130% in Europe and 47% in the US. As power prices rocket, traditional on/off pool heat pump no longer meets pool owners’ high demand in energy efficiency. But the latest inverter pool heat pump, with advanced energy-saving performance, is rapidly taking new trend in the pool industry. To help […]

Inverter Pool Heat Pump: Why It Is the Best


Description:Inverter pool pump is becoming a new trend around the world. Why is the best pool heat pump for you? What is its difference from traditional pool heat pumps? Aquark, a leading inverter pool heat pump manufacturer will tell the reason. Click on and find out now!

How to Install Pool Heat Pump

Want to know how to install pool heat pump for your pool? You’ar in the right place! Check out the pool heater installation step-by-step guide by Aquark.