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Each Fantastic pool boasts of their unique DNA, presenting a peculiar style. Like gold energy pool in Lhasa, Tibet decorated with glittering gold.

Under an exquisite surface of some swimming pools, owners may be plagued by problems of outdated heating system such as high electricity consumption, loud noise, ugly design and so on.

So, to build a sound swimming pool, you should carefully select equipment to create unique DNA for your pool.

Recently, most gorgeous swimming pools are endowed with Aquark inverter heat pump driven by inverPad technology.

The secret of Aquark inverter heat pump’s success lies in dreaming Silence. With leading InverPad technology, Mr.Silence’s sound level is as low as 40dB(A) at 1 meter, as quiet as a fridge.

Besides that, full inverter technology, COP up to 16, 16Kw output out of 1Kw input , and more than 90% energy saving.

Start your journey of building a fabulous swimming pool with Aquark inverter heat pumpMr.Silence – Your Swimming Pool DNA Master, enjoy excellent swimming beyond imagination.

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